Why to become a member of BHRA


Protecting the interests of members.

1. Participation in the National Tourism Council (NCT)

2. Membership in the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG)

3. Strengthen local structures:

• Strengthening the role of the local structure in the municipality;

• Strengthening the membership of the local structure;

• Participation in advisory councils on tourism;

• Participation in the commissions for categorization in the municipality; interaction between the local structure and the BHRA headquarters;

• Participation in the categorization commissions organized by the Ministry of Tourism.

• Creation of a single branch register of BHRA.

As a result of the good cooperation and interaction with the Sofia Municipality and the Sofia Municipal Council, BHRA, through its regional structure in Sofia, BARC initiated a procedure and participated in the working group for the reduction of pavement law by 50% for all retail outlets in the territory of Sofia Municipality. Such initiatives have been implemented in other Bulgarian cities with the participation of our regional structures.

4. Partnership with the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB):

• NAMRB engages in the municipalities, which have structures of the BHRA, to work, assist and cooperate in the field of tourism of the municipal administration.

• NAMRB is committed to assisting BHRA in organizing events at international, national and local level.

Economic benefits

One of the main priorities of the BHRA is the signing of Framework contracts and agreements with companies, associations and companies supporting the hotel and restaurant business in order to optimize and reduce the necessary inherent costs.

BHRA has concluded two contracts with PROPHON and MUSIC AUTHROR - the two largest associations for collecting copyright in music in Bulgaria. Under the Framework Agreement, all members of the association benefit from a 50% discount when signing a contract with PROFON and MUSIC AUTHROR. The signing of the agreement coincided with the changes to the Copyright and Related Rights Act (effective 25.03.2011), according to which the penalties for non-respect of copyright increase from BGN 2,000 to BGN 20,000 for the first offense and from 3 000 to 30,000 levs for each subsequent infringement. The legal obligation to use music in public places is contained in the Copyright and Related Rights Act (SACPP).

Control bodies with the new amendments to the law of 2018 are:

- The Ministry of Culture imposes sanctions from BGN 2,000 to BGN 20,000.

- Mayors of municipalities impose sanctions from 2019: BGN 1,000 - BGN 10,000, with 50% of the collected sanctions in the local budget.

Framework Agreement on the Settlement of Public Broadcasting Rights in their broadcasting in hotels, restaurants and cafes at preferential prices for BHRA members;

• At present, the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) is developing a Code of Conduct on compliance with the GDPR Regulation (EC) 2016/679, agreed with the Commission for Personal Data Protection, to be mentioned all steps and necessary implementation activities and compliance with the Tourism Industry Regulation. It will only be used and applied by members of the BHRA and will save them extra costs on annual legal and advisory services on the application of the Regulation;

• BHRA also concluded agreements with leading companies and companies to grant serious trade discounts upon signing a contract for:

• Servicing of the employees of the Occupational Health Service, according to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act;

• Control of ventilation installations for restaurants and entertainment;

• Control of suction and discharge ventilation installation;

• Control of physical factors of the working environment;

• Control of electrical installations (electrical safety).

BHRA provides:

• Lukoil cards with a special discount for the industry;

• Subscription maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment for restaurants and bars on the territory of Sofia at preferential rates;

• Contract for loading, transporting, incinerating or disposing of biodegradable waste from kitchens and catering establishments of the ABP Category 3 pursuant to Article 3, point 1 and Article 10 of Regulation (EC)

No 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21.10.2009

• A contract for the purchase of used oil;

• Gas supply agreement at preferential prices;

• Graphic Design Agreement, offset printing, outdoor and transport advertising, print and electronic media advertising, cardboard production, labels, brochures, catalogs, folders, posters, calendars, magazines, books, cardboard and micro- paper bags, dining menus, billboards, vinyl panels, illuminated cassettes, lettering, neon advertisements, vehicle brand, shopping malls, tents and crystals;

The Framework Agreement on Serving of ABP Category 3 pursuant to Article 3, point 1 and Article 10 of Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21.10.2009

Framework agreement in relation to the Waste Management Act / ordinance for the administration of local taxes and fees Art. 24 for direct contracting with companies.