Preferences for BHRA members

The members of BHRA, upon concluding an individual Contract for public performance of phonograms and music videos with PROFON, use the following discounts from the Tariff for determining the remuneration due for the public performance of phonograms and music video production in hotel and restaurant activities under the Framework Agreement between BHRA and PROPHON applied in the following order on basic tariffs:

  • 30% under the agreement
  • 20% for BHRA membership
  • up to 20% per site per user
  • 10% for one-time payment

In order to benefit from these concessions, it is necessary to fill in and send to the BHRA Inventory - declaration Annex 1, accompanied by copies of the certificates for categorization of the sites described in a declaration. Inventory - declaration Appendix 1. Inventory - declaration and detailed information is placed in PROPHON banner on BHRA website.

Upon signing an Individual Contract with a Musician, members of the BHRA will benefit from discounts on the amounts due under the Rates for MUSIC KNOWLEDGE under the Framework Agreement between the BHRA and the MUZIKAUTOR:

  • 50% under the agreement
  • 10% for one-time payment
  • individual discounts according to the general conditions of the tariff and the fulfillment of the relevant criteria
  • seasonal objects only pay for the months they are open

Remuneration is calculated on the basis of the categorization certificates for each site according to the type, category of the site and the number of sound spots / beds. The submission of a request for a contract to the MUSIC is done through the electronic form "Tariff Calculator", through which the website of BHRA can be accessed: - banner MUSIC, or from the company's website: Through the electronic form, you can calculate your due annual fees and submit an on-line application for an individual contract.

Free presentation of regular BHRA members in the Members panel on the BHRA website - with one photo of the tourist site; text information: exact name of the object; exact and full address - city, postcode, street, number; telephone and fax; e-mail address and web site.

Free presentation of the associated BHRA members in the Members panel on BHRA website -, with a short text presentation of the activity up to 20 printed lines with address - place, postcode, street, number; telephone fax; e-mail address and web site / without a graphic sign / on the e-mail address of the association:

Free posting of an article in the BHRA's website. For the preparation of the article, it is necessary to send to the association's e-mail address, unformatted text in Urodov's file and 3-4 pictures to it.

The BHRA provides free distribution of advertising materials to its members at a stand of BHRA in the largest national and international tourist fairs and exhibitions.

The members of the BHRA have the opportunity for a free presentation (once in 5 to 7 min.) At a meeting of the BHRA Board.

Consulates and implements advertising and public relations campaigns to build the image of the organization, its members and Bulgarian tourism.

Paid advertising options on BHRA's website: for which members of BHRA enjoy a 10% discount:

  • animated banner on the title page / fixed format width 123px - height 90 px / with link to your site for 12 months - 50 BGN / month;
  • animated banner on the title page / fixed format width 123 px - height 90 px / with link to your site for 6 months - 60 BGN / month;
  • animated banner on the title page / fixed format width 123px - height 90 px / with link to your site for 1 month - BGN 80

Organizes seminars and training in hotel and restaurant, various courses to improve the qualifications of its members.

BHRA is the publisher of the catalog "Best Hotels and Restaurants in Bulgaria", which presents members of BHRA and their colleagues from all over the country together with many of the partners in the Bulgarian tourism industry.

BHRA members have the opportunity to apply for BHRA's Annual Awards for best achievements in hospitality, management, restaurant, investment, and more.